The girls and I at work have always been a massive fan of Lime Crime, I remember when Charlotte (my flatmate) and Julia (partner in crime at work) were going crazy when the Velvetine Cashmere shade came out and it was selling out everytime it hit the site. At the time Lime Crime was going through a bit of trouble as a lot of customers accounts had been hacked into so I avoided ordering from them at the time. Since this the security on the site has tightened massively and it's a lot more safe to order from.

We noticed Lime Crime had a sale on today so gathered up the girls from work and put in an order together, saves money on shipping from America. I found the "Lip Perlees" collection which blew me away. I've always liked the Velvetines due to their matte finish but the pearly finish to these Perlees are to die for. I'm not one for much colour but I'd even rock the 'Denim Blue' shade as seen below.

I ended up going for the 'Gemma' shade even though I also loved 'Asphalt' but I thought I could darken my 'Gemma' with Salem Velventine to get the darker shade of brown. They've also got a killer baby pink called 'Mirage' but I usually stick to nudes and browns. Check out Gemma in the editorial image below.

The Perlees are priced are priced at £12.28 with $10.95 shipping from the US, which isn't much considering the orders are tracked and duties and taxes are prepaid by Lime Crime. As far as I know stores in the UK don't sell Lime Crime currently but you can't argue about shipping price. Oh and.. baring in mind we ordered at around 2PM today the items had been shipped before I left work at 5PM. Check out the rest of the shades from the Perlees collection, you can't go wrong.

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