I work for a clothing brand and spend time organising lookbook and e-commerce shoots. Ever since I've been working in fashion I've always thought it's good to keep aware of what other brands and designers are doing around you. The ecom shoots we do at work are on plain backdrops and sit perfectly on our site. I got taken on an incredible trip to Barcelona back in June thanks to one of my favourite women, Snowdog. We got a minibus on the way back to Sheffield from the airport. I remember I was sat in the middle of Julia and Chloe so couldn't fall asleep. Poor Chloe had to listen to me nattering on for hours! Chloe has an incredible fashion sense and introduced me to the brand Rat & Boa. I've only brought one dress from the site as I'm not the most confident with my figure and I feel the items suit ladies with flatter stomachs than I. However I've always kept up to date with the site as they create some of the most inspirational ecom photos, it actually makes me want to give up my chip addiction. I used to create neon tie dye when I ran my own clothing brand. I know neon colours really compliment tanned skin. There is a fine line when wearing neon, you can end up looking like you belong in techno rave or as I'm sure you'll agree from the image below, it can make you look stunning.

Serin Dress: £36.00

Desert Rose Red Dress: £50.00

Furore Dress: £36.00

Nolita Set White: £45.00