UNIF is one of my favourite brands to look at when it comes to footwear. I love chunky black boots and a lot of the UK brands just don't seem to have the same gothic edge. I got introduced to UNIF shoes by American model, Hanna Beth Merjos. You may have recently seen Hanna win 'House of DVF' to become Diane Von Furtenburg's Global Brand Ambassador. I used to run my own clothing brand and Hanna was over in the UK so we met up to shoot my new collection in Dalston. Hanna was wearing the most insane shoes I'd ever seen that turned out to be the UNIF Holy Grail shoes. I knew I had to have a pair! Hanna told me to order them from Dolls Kill but to size down because they came up big. Here are the photos of Hanna from the shoot wearing my old clothing brand and the UNIF Holy Grail shoes.

UNIF products aren't cheap and it makes it more expensive for us over in the UK when you have to pay for shipping and taxes when the products arrive. If you are buying UNIF shoes for the first time try and research for some reviews of what others have written about that shoe design. I've purchased a pair of Heather Boots before in my desired size and they came up small however the Holy Grails come up big.

My friend Chloe did the same and we both had to resell the wrong sized pair because it was too expensive to send the wrong pair backtracked. If you are worried about this however head over to Depop as a lot of people in the UK are selling UNIFs, sometimes it's due to the same problem as Chloe and I had. I know that UNIF is actually one of the highest searched brands on Depop today, so you are bound to find a pair on there.

ASOS now stock UNIF but not all the different shoe designs. I think this is good because they don't become over popular, the brand does stand for "UR NOT IN FASHION", I'd rather they didn't become too fashionable haha. My most favourite pair of UNIF footwear I own are the Choke Boots, they are possibly one of the comfiest heels I have ever worn. The perfect thing about UNIF footwear the shoes look stupidly high but actually the platform is so big they aren't that high at all, and super comfy. I go from extremes in footwear; it's either stupidly high chunky boots/shoes or 'bubble trainers' as my friends call them. UNIF Choke Boots below: