Since working more heavily in digital marketing I have personally taken a step back in using my own social media channels. Granted you could argue that I spend less time on it personally as I'm on it for at least 8 hours of the day for work. However I'd like the think instead of partaking, I am observing.

I watched a video today of a presentation by Jonathan Perelman the Vice President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. I prefer to go to talks or watch interviews online as my attention span can wander if I'm not interested, they usually keep me more engaged. Jonathan explained nowadays how a lot of us wake up and go to a social media account straight away, even before getting out of bed. I know a majority still get out of bed and head to the door to pick up the days paper from the letterbox however I am guilty of the latter. I had even explained to my company manager how this annoyed me as I'd set my alarm on my iPhone and when it woke me up I'd pick up my phone straight away. I'd usually by habit then check my emails and messages on my phone which put me in work mode the second I woke up. My company manager discussed about changing habits to help us develop in our jobs so she actually brought me a Lord of The Rings alarm clock (she knows how much I love the films).

Anyhow Jonathan explained about content from companies being a form of communication not just something to be consumed. The communication aspect is easily explained through social media channels which Jonathan did in an extremely ammusing way. Content is shared on social media which is a form of communication and there are two main reasons for it. The first is 'to form a community', if you like Justin Bieber you share content about Justin Bieber to target others who feel the same. Justin Bieber posts could definitely create a reaction amongst your Facebook friends if they like him or not I imagine. The second is to 'build your own personal brand'. People want to show their identity, for example if someone is sharing a post about '10 reasons you know your a cat lady" this will show to their Facebook friends how they see themsevles. Building your own personal brand is very common on sites like Instagram, it's been covered many times that people will only show the best aspects of their life. However that topic is for another day.

Jonathan explained the the main subjects of content that BuzzFeed will focus on. The funniest bit about this is if you observe your Facebook as much as I do, you'll be able to pin point certain friends the relate to posting certain subjects of content.

The first bit of content is the emotional gift. It's a post that if your feeling sad it makes you feel happy. I am guilty of sharing some Karl Pilkington videos when I feel sad but everyone needs to experience Karl.

The second is stress relief. Jonathan explains that around the main time of exams the amount of similar videos regarding relaxation and stress relief circulating on Facebook triples. Another is arkward moments, everyone loves to know that other people are just as arkward as they are. Inspirational moments are another. One of the most funny subjects is the humble brag. Jonathans example really made me laugh, he explained when someone shares a post to do with say the moon, '10 facts about the moon'. The humble brag is when your mate sharing explains how he/she didn't know facts 2 and 7 about the moon but clearly showing off that they knew the other 8.

Another piece of content is information, people love to share a new bit of information. Sexuality and Occupation are two more subjects with facts being the last. Jonathan explains that some of the best content that can include many forms of responses from different people who have different views within communties.

If you'd like to know more here is a video of Jonathan Perelman talking about 'Content being king':