I was sat with my mate Ju at dinner when she picked up her phone, my eyes were presented with the craziest phonecase I've seen. To be honest she's had a few but the rubber unicorn horn looks more like a weapon. I actually remember running past her today and pretending it stabbed me. After my near death experience, it inspired me to hunt down some even more crazy phone cases.

Skinny Dip is a go to for phone cases but I tracked down some other brands that are producing some mad phone slips too. You know you'll never lose your phone in your bag again with one of these.


The Moschino phone cases aren't cheap but you can't argue their original playful designs. You can pick up the 'Cleaning Spray iPhone Case' from Net-a-porter for £55 and the Silicone iPhone case in the shape of a Cigarette pack featuring the Italien house's logo at £45 also from Net-a-porter. Sadly I haven't found the Barbie mirror case online as it's a past collection but a search on eBay or Depop might do the trick.


I stumbled across the Valfre phonecases on Dolls Kill. I love Dolls Kill products and how they style all the different looks so I tend to go onto the site for inspiration regularly. My flatmate is obsessed with cats so I know this Blanco iPhone case £27 would go down extremely well with a number of people, Blanco is an alien cat the brand created. You definitely won't ever forget your Valfre Lipstick iPhone Case £27 when going out. And for all the mermaid haired babes out there this Shell iPhone Case £27 is definitely for you.

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip are a fair bit cheaper than the other two brands and you can pick one up from Topshop or Asos. Skinny Dip phone cases are available in lots of different models so they aren't just for iPhone users. The Liquid Sarcasm case is super bubberly and fun for only £16. If you like your pom pom keyrings you'll love the Lilac Phone Case £15. If you are more into some pickled aliens you might prefer the Martian Munch phone case £16.