The post is exactly what it says in the title. Although I had planned to rank them in order of my favourites but I just couldn't because I'm pretty tired. Heres the run down of my favourite 10 pin badges.

10. 'Kim Pin' from Georgia Perry $19.95 AUD

After Kim's nude selfie today what better way to show my appreciation for the effort she's putting into her Instagame than her pin.

9. 'Tooth Pin Badge' from Topshop £5

I just love how this pin is so simple and sweet with it's funny little smiling face. If only my wisdom teeth were as nice as this guy.

8. 'Dicknose Van Boobenchin' innit' by Kyle Platts from Beach London £6

This pin is just bloody funny. A guy with a dick nose, boob chin also appearing to have a large peanut for hair and a tea towel round his head, you can't really beat it.

7. 'Buzzing Pin Badge' from Drop Dead £5.

Super slick design featuring the Drop Dead logo on the back of a fly. You'll always win with design detail like it.

6. 'Cigarette Pin' by Rouse Hound Apparel $6.00 USD

I do smoke. And kids, smoking is not cool. I know I need to give up. But this pin is too pretty.

5. 'Umbrella Pin Badge' by Horizon Supply Co £3.95

Anyone recognise this design from being dotted around the world recently? I did have this pin badge until my friends dog decided to chew it off my bag, luckily I found the remainders.

4. 'Sorting Hat Pin Badge' from The Harry Potter Shop Platform 9 3/4s £6.99

One of the best bits of travelling down from Sheffield to London is that you come into London St Pancras International station that is just over the road from the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross. I usually try to leave a good 20 minutes before my train departs back home to nip in to the shop quick.

3. 'White and Gold Tri Ferg Pin Badge' from Palace Skateboards £5

I remember looking round the London Palace shop recently and I was on one of those prang days that I needed to buy myself something but also striken with bank balance guilt. I really wanted this Pin Badge but it was behind a glass cabinet, I felt a right plum wanting to ask them to go to all the effort to open it so I could buy this little pin badge.

2. 'Beyonce Pin' By Georgia Perry $19.95 AUD

I just love this pin because Beyonce looks mad excited to be on it.

1. 'Go Away Chair Pin' by Valley Cruise Press from Urban Outfitters $10 USD

Pretty much feels for everyday. Everyone just go away I'm chillin'.