So April has been pretty mental at work with a new collection launching along with a brand new store. Due to working a couple of weeks straight my brain was pretty frazzled and I had little inspiration. Today I was browsing the website of the magazine People of Print. I came across when of the most incredible photoshoots I'd ever seen. I work on putting concepts together for photoshoots so it's great to find inspiration that other people have put together. I think you'd agree with me but this shoot is insane.

The photoshoot is of the GILTIG collection created by Ikea in collaboration with Katie Eary. I've always loved Ikea's brand image with it's use of strong bold colours and a lot of negative space. Katie Eary is an incredible fashion designer who's mostly known for her colourful print design. I've admired the print design by Mary Katrantzou for years however her print design is bold but appears more delicate. Eary's print design is extremely brash and screams 'look at me' which sits so stunningly on the plain white silhouettes of the Ikea products.

The maddest thing is that I spent my third year at uni researching fish and marine life to build my sketchbooks for my design work. My first 4 legging print designs that I took into production to India were all based on Siamese Fighting Fish which are the Fish featured throughout this collection.

Now what would you buy for your house?

Here's a couple of print designs I created using Siamese Fighting Fish back at the end of my uni days.