I've always hated the thought of having to wear wellies at a festival. Firstly, I know some can pull off the denim shorts and Hunters wellies look but I definitely can't with my thunder thighs. And wellies just aren't my thing. Here's my top 10 festival footwear ready for the festival season.

1. KIT Flat Fringe Leather Boots by Topshop £45

Super cute fringed festival style ankle boots. Waterproof and easily cleaned up if they get a bit muddy.

2. LM No Scrubs Black Lace Ups from La Moda £25

Black Timberland Dupes are great if you can't afford the real things. I'm not sure on how waterproof they'd be but if you got them muddy least you haven't spent a fortune.

3. Calhoun-3 Boots from Jeffrey Campbell $270

Yes I have already blogged about these western boots, but what can I say they are the perfect boots for any outfit.

4. So Called Boots by Unif $195

These boots from Unif give you a little bit of height if you want to make your legs look longer when baring all in shorts. All the Unif boots I've owned are extremely comfortable so these will keep you comfy throughout the long weekend.

5. Verse Western Heeled Sandals from Topshop £56

Now these could only be worn at a festival like Coachella. Never attempt these at Glastonbury unless you've got some boots hidden in your bag.

6. Laso Vegan Boots by Y.R.U at Dolls Kill $110

As you can probably tell by now I like western style footwear. These booties are super cute and vegan friendly.

7. Vans Skate Hi's from Vans $60

Go with some comfortable classics if your better wearing trainers all day. If these get a little dirty just get a bit of Jason Markks on them when you get back home.

8. Psyche Booties by Jeffrey Campbell $180

Alike to the Topshop Sandals, these are definitely sandals that should only be worn at a festival in a hot location. I'd like to pretend they are suitable for a festival in the UK but who would I be kidding.

9. Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire from Office Offpsring £105

If you want to be comfortable and don't mind splashing out to stand out in the festival crowds then these are for you. The sun reflecting on the metallic gold emerald green will definitely catch some eyes.

10. Vagabond Kenvova Chelsea Boots from Office £90

If you want to be practical but don't fancy wearing wellies these Chelsea Boots will keep your feet warm, comfy and damp free.