I know a lot of make up artists and I'm definitely not qualified to give beauty advice to anyone. However if you haven't seen them already I just wanted to share the most attractive make up brushes out there by Spectrum Collections. The brushes are all cruelty free, Spectrum Collection have stated no unicorns were harmed in the making of their brushes. You can buy the brushes as individuals or in sets. As well as brushes Spectrum Collection sell some of the most insane make up bags, they have just restocked the "Glam Clam" which as you can see below is a pastel pink clam which comes with a set of mint green/pink make up brushes. My favourite set is the black/rainbow brushes however these are now sold out and no longer available. If you fancy picking up some of these insta worthy make up brushes think fast as they do sell out. If you head over to the site today and sign up to the newsletter you will receive 10% off your first purchase.