Recently I've been listening to a lot of Lady Gaga's old hits and forgot how much I love her. I was listening to Telephone by Gaga and Queen Bee and remembered how insane the music video was. The first scene at the start of the video stuck out in my head when Gaga is wearing the most incredible customised leather jacket. This inspired me to find some of the coolest customised leather jackets online.

Firstly one of my favourite designers, Hannah Beth Fincham. Hannah creates customised leather jackets and if you are a Disney fan, her jackets are for you.

Killstar also have a selection of all over studded jackets, you can even grab a light pink one if you want to add some colour to your closet.

Ragged Priest have created this masterpiece of a white leather jacket. The jacket isn't fully studded like Gaga's but I can definitely see her reppin' the pink embroidered "good girls go to heaven" slogan on her back.

Goldie, one of the concessions at Topshop is selling a super cute Daisy customised faux leather jacket. The floral embellishment makes this jacket perfect for summer and would look great at festivals.

However if you can't afford buying a new leather jacket grab an old one and just customise it yourself. It can be a lot of effort but customising your own means that you can create a one off jacket as well as feature some patches, badges that mean something to you. You can buy packs of studs of eBay, just make sure you've got some pliers and some white chalk.