The trends of Mermaids and Unicorns has been knocking about for a bit now but some brands have definitely mastered the best products to keep this trend sailing along.

We have to give a hands up to Skinny Dip London. Skinny Dip always produce the funnest accessories to keep our imaginations alive. They have created phone cases with avocados with goggly eyes to 3D milk carton bags, you can really let your inner child escape when it comes to their accessories.

Top Left:

Moto Sequin Ashley Shorts from Topshop £38

Mermaid Bikini by Wildfox $110+

Sequin Bomber Jacket by We All Shine from Topshop £98

Middle Left:

IPad Shell Case by Skinny Dip £18

Half Unicorn Half Mermaid Bag from Spectrum Collections £16.99

Shellular 3D iPhone 6/6S Case by Valfre £29

Mershimi Print By Valfre £38

Bottom Left:

Mermaid Cross Body Bag By Skinny Dip £25

Washed Up Mermaid by Bleach London from Boots £5

Lilac Shell Purse by Skinny Dip £15

Brush Clam by Spectrum Collections £8.99