If you fancy doing something a bit different with your hair for the up and coming festivals but don't want to merge in with the sea of floral headbands check out some of the ideas below.

Hair Spikes by Regal Rose available in silver and gold £15-21

The hair spikes make festival braids look a bit more punky than hippy. They are super simple to put into the hair and are available in 3 different sized packs to suit your hair length.

Bleach London Hair Crayons from Boots £4 each

When I had black hair I used to always see girls with fantasy rainbow hair from Bleach London and really want it. I tried to use hair chalks on my hair but they didn't work so I'm thrilled to find that the Bleach London crayons do work on dark hair. I'm actually in the stages of dying my hair lighter so they work even better now.

I recently used these for a photoshoot and if you want to create some colourful streaks quickly these are the ones for you.

Hair Rings by Regal Rose £11

If you love that cute boho look these hair rings are perfect for you, they have a range so buy a couple of packs and have fun with them. This will give you the ultimate Coachella look.

Baby Pink Bob from ASOS £15

Why not do a Kylie Jenner and just get a whole new hairstyle? Wigs are definitely welcomed at festivals.

Elven Gold Hair Twists £12-£18

If you don't have time to plait your hair these hair twists are perfect to add into straight or wavy hair. I might have to order some for myself now, I own some of the hair spikes but rubbish at plaiting my hair.

I also love Lord of the Rings and this really gives your hair an elven style.