I recently visited Amsterdam to see one of my old friends who's just moved out there. Amsterdam is beautiful, full of life and has an extremely chilled air about it. We got to visit the Rembrandt Museum along with the Helmut Newton exhibition. My friend had spotted Kitsch Kitchen in the week and said that we must make a visit before we left. We managed to get to the shop before it shut on the Monday evening. Kitsch Kitchen is full of weird and wonderful "kitsch" pieces for your kitchens and home interiors, the collection has a balance of products found whilst on travels around faraway countries in Asia and Central America. If you like cheerful, colourful yet functional items for your home, Kitsch Kitchen really is the place to visit.

Here are my favourite items from their webstore:

1. Door curtain Rose €79.95

I clapped eyes on the handmade bamboo doorcurtain in the store and fell in love. Amsterdam can have problems with mosquitos but these curtains are designed to stop them coming in which is great when you need to keep the door open in the summer.

2. Door curtain Guadalupe €79.95

Another door curtain but the design is so beautiful on this one too. I think it would possibly be easier to fit the Rose design into your house but this piece is stunning.

3. Bottles Guadalupe €5.95

These handheld plastic bottles are to keep holy water in. How cute are the colours? I just want them for display.

4. Fries Pencil Pot €13.95

I didn't see this in the shop but if I had, I would have owned this by now. My favourite food is chips so this would be the best accessory for my work desk.

5. Goat Hook 9.95

Fed up of boring coat hooks. How bloody great is this pastel blue goat hook for your coat's instead. They also have Pigs, Wolves, Raccoons and one of our favourite Disney characters, Bambi.

6. Pink Decorative Pineapple 4.95

Who doesn't love a big pink decorative pineapple. Available in 2 difference sizes and blue and yellow.

7. Large Orange Basket 19.95

Super colourful plastic weaved basket. These come in lots of different shapes and sizes including one thats designed to be an outside hanging basket. The other colourway features shades of green and blue.

8. Oilcloth Cuadros y Flores Pink 3.75 per 50cm

Alike to Cath Kidston you can buy lengths of oilcloth in the store to create what you'd like with them. Kitsch Kitchens designs are a lot more playful than your Cath Kidston print designs. You could have great fun making matching tablecloths and aprons with this.

Too check out some more fabulous items from Kitsch Kitchen, visit the site below.