Nasty Gal will always be leaders in the online fashion indsutry. I have read Sophia Amoruso's book "#GIRLBOSS" and fell in love with her story. I used to run my own clothing brand so I could relate to a lot of aspects she talks about in the book, especially spamming on Myspace and utilising free marketing. Nasty Gal caught my eye with a recent newsletter promoting their "Baby's on Fire" collection. The main image featuring the leather flame skirt made me click through to see more.

The image and pieces are from Nasty Gal's new collection "After Party Fall 16". The collections brings us limited edition reworked denim, modernized military surplus, refreshed vintage silhouettes and the most hottest flame skirt I've ever seen.

I absolutely love the 90s flame print. Nasty Gal have executed it so well using the choice of a more expensive fabric like leather. A lot of brands tried to create all over printed flame pieces and due to the fabric quality being poor they ended up just looking extremely tacky.

UNIF also executed this flame print brilliantly through their pieces, The Pyro Boots and the Notion Backpack. Both are sold out now but would be worth a search on Depop if you want to snap them up.

You also can't beat Ragged Priest's new Fire Fire Tee's for more of a casual look, you can grab a tee or a longsleeve from their online store now.

If you're not sure about having the flame patches drawing attention to your boobs the super simple oversized Thrasher flame logo t-shirts are perfect. I've heard many comments about people that skateboard shouldn't wear skate t-shirts, it's crap, I've worn skate t-shirts for years because I love graphic t-shirts and the independent brands come out with some sick designs. Wear what you want you're on fire.