Over the past year I've discovered Valfre. I did a post earlier in the year featuring their insanely amazing phone cases. Valfre do a mix of cute clothes, eye catching accessories and super sweet girl inspired art prints. I love so many pieces from different parts of the site I wanted to feature all of them.

My first piece would be one of Valfre's art prints. Valfre have a really original style to their design work. They have super sassy girly characters that consist of "the girl gang", pastel mermaids and cutesy goth girls. The prints are stylised illustrations that show girls in funny or really girly situations, they would look perfect placed in a row on your bedroom wall.

My first favourite print is the "America's Most Wanted Print". I do love a good burger and I would definitely try and fight aliens if they tried to take mine.

My second favourite is the Cacti Lady Print. I absolutely love this print, mainly because the blend of pastel colours and the big black heart that stands out on the pink background. The composition of the print is just stunning and mixed with the "America's Most Wanted Print" with it's black background they would sit perfectly together.

Another of my favourite items is this super cute USB stick of their character Bruno the cat. I lose everything, so I could attach this to my keys and it would also help me to find my keys in the bottom of my handbag.

I know I have featured their phonecases before but since they have released this beauty. I have the Moschino fresh corture phonecase and get comments from strangers all the time about it, so this is another one that will definitely welcome more amusing remarks.

I just love baseball caps but I always feel a bit daft in them myself, my hairs pretty thick and I have pixie ears so they usually don't sit so well on my head. I tend to style up looks for work with baseball caps as they look super cute on girls. I thought this cap from Valfre was the ultimate pastel princess streetwear style.

This embroidered rose is carried over onto a vibrant summery yellow t-shirt. Normally I wouldn't wear yellow but the small rose design sits nicely on the t-shirt without being to garish. My only issue would be I wear a lot of black so I wouldn't be sure how yellow would work in a sea of black. I definitely think this yellow T-shirt would suit blue denim better.

Firstly I thought this bag was a shopper but it's actually a rucksack. I was never a fan of see through backpacks as I wasn't really up for everyone seeing what I'm carrying around in my bag. The amount of receipts and empty chocolate wrappers is never a great look. However I love how the Valfre backpack has a cute little heart so if you wanted to style up the bag you could put rest up coloured bits of paper against the heart to change up the colour of the heart.

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