I stumbled across Graphic Designer and Photographer, Paul Fuentes, alike to Matt Crump his Instagram is aesthetically genius. I'm obsessed with pastel colours even though it wouldn't appear so with my all black wardrobe. I love white and pastel interiors as they really brighten up your house, making it your rooms look bigger and cleaner.

Fuentes's website has a shop on so I had a look, I thought it might be a few art prints but I was pleasantly surprised. I went onto the shop and found you can buy clocks, shower curtains, bed sheets and more. If you had a favourite print from his collection you could kit out your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The prints are extremely quirky and take natural everyday objects and put them in a surrealist situation, adding a lot of beautiful colours.

Check out some of my favourites from his shop below, the Hamburger Cake makes me feel hungry every time I see it.