Thank you to Topshop for creating a collection of incredible jackets. I'm a jacket fiend and have way too many that I really need to rain it in and spend my money on something else. Here a few of my super favourites that are available online now at TOPSHOP.COM.

Studded Biker Leather Jacket £375

Not a cheap jacket but definitely one that will make you stand out in a crowd. As much as I'd love this jacket my plan is to hunt down a similar jacket at a vintage store and customise it with studs and paint myself. Keep your eyes peeled for a future post.

MOTO Stud Oversized Jacket £79

I've always and will always like the distressed, studded look. I love the light denim blue shade of this jacket but again this is one I could create myself if I found a similar jacket. However if you are not one for DIY Fashion then this is a super cute denim jacket that will last you for years to come. Denim Jackets never go out of fashion so it's worth the investment if you love the detail.

Two-in-One Reversible Bomber Jacket £79

Topshop are really testing my savings control on this one. I absolutely love this style of bomber jacket but this is the most stunning one I've found. I love the blend of cream and pink with the striking red ribbing. This jacket gets better though, it's reversible. Yes the other side is the most stunning light blue with navy ribbing. I wouldn't usually pick navy over black but this colour combination is dreamy.

MOTO Oversized Denim Parka £70

It sounds like I love everything but there's some items I just get overly excited about. But I do love a big Parka in winter, luckily I've been working at Drop Dead the past 2 winters so managed to get a Drop Dead parka each season. I love black denim and haven't seen a Parka like this before. I have a American Apparel rain mac in the same style but I love how this is black denim. It will be a great excuse when it gets a bit cooler.

Lined Ma1 Bomber Jacket £59

One of the previous Fear of God campaigns featured a stunning burgundy bomber jacket. It was worn with some oversized distressed blue jeans which made the colour really pop. Fear Of God is out of my price range so this bomber from Topshop is perfect. I love the shade for the winter months to come.

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