Today's outfit of the day is inspired by a stunning long khaki Parka I picked up from work recently. Sadly it's not available to buy yet but I found this stunning Longline Parka from Topshop to replace it.

I love the brand Vetements, I know Vetements has been one of the hottest brands on the street for the past couple of years but I love the metal style graphic prints they do. I've always loved wearing old school vintage band merchandise and Vetements really create the essence of these graphics. If you know me you'll know that I love wearing oversized t-shirts as dresses, oversized hoodies, large jackets and Vetements really embodies this oversized style. I've chosen one of their oversized logo sleeve pullovers which is to be worn as a dress. These pullovers are harder to find now but if you a desperate you'll be able to find someone re selling one. If not you can get a perfectly good dupe version online or a similar style, Obey womens do a similar version online and so do Hype.

I've accessorised this look with one of Regal Roses' stunning new chokers. We recently did a collection at Drop Dead called "GIRLS ONLY" where we featured these incredibly sparkly chokers in the lookbook. I've picked Regal Roses' BLACK MAGIK, Wide Gunmetal & Crystal Choker. If you fancy glamming up an outfit, especially in time for the party season this choker is perfect.

I absolutely love thigh high boots and these beauties from the new Hailey Baldwin X Public Desire collection fit perfectly with this outfit. The thigh high boots cover up skin whilst wearing this oversized pullover. The Longline Khaki Parka from Topshop will also cover you down to your knees so you won't feel as if you are baring all.

These ring studded black items from LaModa tie in the boots into the outfit and tone down the clashing colours of orange and khaki. Caps don't suit all girls but some can pull them off super well, this outfit would look perfect with a cap so rock it if you can.

I've finished this outfit with a nudey pink tone matte velvetine from Limecrime called Teddy Bear. Limecrime have some stunning nude shades out at the moment called "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS". If you are a fan of peachy, pink nudes these are for you.

Orange Oversized Logo Sleeve Pullover by Vetements

Longline Parka Jacket from Topshop

Black Magik Wide Gunmetal & Crystal Choker from Regal Rose

PDXHB Tokyo Perspex Twist Heel Longboots in Black Sock Fit from Public Desire

Underground Suede Black Cap with Gunmetal Rings from LaModa

Unfaithful Black and Gunmetal Ring Backpack

Teddy Bear Matte Velvetine from Limecrime