I went to see Tim Burton's film adaptation of Ransom Riggs 'Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children' a few weeks back. Firstly I noticed one of Drop Dead's items from back in Winter 2014 on one of the characters which was super cool. Secondly it's a great film, I wasn't convinced on the end but I loved the story of Miss Peregrine's world and learning all the characters of all the Peculiar Children. One of my favourite characters played by Ella Purnell was Emma. Emma was possibly one of my favourite characters because I just loved her costume. Emma is the protagonist in the love story plot of 'Miss Peregrine'. Emma is seen in the book as a calm, melancholy character which reflects the cute sky blue costume she wears however Purnell's version of Emma is a "badass".

Emma wears a cute light blue baby doll dress which sits perfectly with her short platinum blonde curly hair. Emma's peculiar trait to her character is that she can float, it means that she has to wear these super heavy iron boots that keep her from floating into the sky. My footwear of choice when I go out is always chunky UNIF boots. I love the contrasting lightweight pastel dress with black heavy gothic designed boots which inspired me to piece some items together to replicate this outfit idea out on the street.

To start with I checked out one of my favourite brands, Motel. Motel had this stunning pink babydoll dress available on their website. If you fancy something a bit darker they also have this dress available in Navy. I also found Motel are selling this beaut blue wrap skater dress on ASOS as an exclusive. The colour embodies the colour in the films costume however with a more flattering and contemporary shape.

I've picked these two dresses from Topshop. The first duck egg blue dress embodies the fantasy aspect of the character through it's floral detailing however keeping a girly, cute and contemporary design. The cream wrap around from Topshop is a lot more sleek and simple but features the similar wrap around as Emma's dress and similar sleeve length.

Of course I've headed to one of my favourite brands UNIF to choose some chunky boots to team with these cute dresses. I absolutely love UNIF footwear and if you get the correct size they are the most comfiest heeled boots you'll ever own. These boots do not have the detailed features like the costume boots however they are perfect to replicate this cute but badass look out on the street.

Ezra Babydoll Dress in Blush by Motel £38

Motel Wrap Front Skater Dress In Delicate Lace by Motel from ASOS £50

Lace Skater Dress from Topshop £100

Plisse Wrap Over Dress from Topshop £36

Scosche Boot by UNIF $168

Brat Platform by UNIF $188

Choke Boot by UNIF $172

Brat Boot by UNIF $178