I've noticed the hype surrounding Paris Men's Fashion Week the last few days due to the collaboration between hi end designer, Louis Vuitton and streetwear royalty, Supreme. Looking at the line I actually feel as though it deserves all the hype it's receiving at the moment. I love the cross branding between Louis Vuitton's famous monogram print with Supreme's iconic logo. The collaboration has given fans of Supreme's famous traffic light red, products of printed suitcases, holdalls, scarves but also focussed some products using the traditional colourways of Louis Vuitton. The collaboration has a mix of all over printed garments such as a blue co branded denim jacket featuring white print. It also features products that have large placement logos or more subtle logos engraved onto zip pulls. If you aren't a fan of either brand this definitely won't be one for you, but if you are fan of one of the two you will definitely see the characteristics of each brand cleverly co branded into individual pieces. To see the full catwalk head to the Louis Vuitton website or scroll to the bottom of the post for the direct link.

Seeing this collaboration really got me thinking about some of the other amazing collaborations.

More recently I brought myself a new phone case from Skinny Dip's second collaboration with The Simpsons. The first collaboration they focussed more on characters such as Crusty the Clown but this collaboration they've released is more wearable and features everyones favourite characters in state of "undress". I picked up the pink silicon "Mr Burns Call Me" phone case which is available on their website and in Topshop's around the country. I've always loved how young, fun and fresh Skinny Dip's products are. The humorous concept behind the "Undressed" collaboration really lends itself to The Simpsons.

I also remembered how incredible one of Jeremy Scott's first collections for Moschino was, Barbie! Moschino has always been that young luxury brand but Jeremy Scott has really given it that twist by working with more licensing deals to create co branded iconic collections. I agree you should never let Jeremy Scott loose on a pair of trainers, his pieces for Adidas were terrible, but he's definitely redeemed himself on the catwalk for Moschino.

The Moschino X Barbie collection definitely won't entice some with the amount of pink on pink on pink but if you keep watching the catwalk video the collection actually incorporates different shapes and prints of Barbie's different outfits throughout time. I love how the Barbie character is portrayed by the models, it makes the elitist catwalk seem a much more young, fun and familiar place for everyone.

I couldn't not mention the collaboration I worked on with work last summer. We got the privilege to work with Sega on one of their most iconic characters, Sonic the Hedgehog for Sonic's 25th anniversary. When you picture Sonic you usually picture bright royal blue and white which may cloud your mind on what items could be created with such a garish colourway. However the design team at Drop Dead are rather talented individuals and created the most stunning, wearable unique items. The collection featured Khaki Bomber Jackets to weekend holdall bags. My particular favourite of the collection was the Khaki "This Is How I Roll" Bomber Jacket. I love the cross branding of the applique patches on either chest, on the left the Sonic S and on the right the Drop Dead logo.

Admittedly not knowing an awful lot about the KITH brand, I stumbled cross the KITH X Coca-Cola collaboration at the end of last year. I visited the store in New York when I was over there in December which got me up to speed with the brand. Visually the shop was really exciting with their own print set ups in store. My favourite products from the KITH X Coca-Cola collaboration definitely have to be white patched Denim Jacket and the Coke red cross branded logo Hoodie. I think I also fell in love with the photoshoot as it reminded me of being back in New York.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme catwalk video and subscribe for updates on the launch here

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Moschino X Barbie catwalk video

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