I absolutely love Skinny Dip accessories, my current phone case and wallet are both Skinny Dip. I feel like the brand bring out better designed products every collection. I wasn't overly bothered when they first sprung on the scene but now I love a handful of pieces every collection.

The Flame bumbag on the homepage caught my eye which made me look into their new in section. My first love has to be the Cordelia Flame Tote Bag, loving the 90s flame design at the moment this bag is perfect along with a good size for daily use. Skinny Dip items are also very fairly priced and you can pick up this bag for only £35.

The second piece I fell in love with was this Gucci inspired Snake Mini Backpack. I recently featured Gucci's showroom Snake table design on my Instagram. I've fallen in love with all of Gucci's embroidered design work at the moment so any inspired products will be attractive to me. I like how Skinny Dip has been inspired by this work but not copied it but featuring a blue snake rather than a red. The backpack is a cute size and made from PU so is vegan friendly.

The third number is the Embroidered Cressida Backpack. I am in love with rose embroidery at the moment, I sat on my bed last Friday night and hand sewed a Rose onto a leather jacket for 3 hours! This bag is stunning as the contrasting colours of red and pink really make the design pop. The bag looks as if it has plenty of room and again is vegan friendly.

Fuchsia pink and red shades are constantly catching my eye at the moment and so did this super cute Flamingo Float Make Up Bag. I love how Skinny Dip's products are extremely humorous but harmless at the same time. Such a perfectly cute Make Up to keep all your products safe.

You can also pick up an embossed pastel shiny pink pencil case in the super cute Flamingo Float design too.

I was speaking to my flatmate earlier up un cringey valentines cards. Humorous cards are definitely the way forward, at the end of the day it's only a card. I found these cards on Skinny Dip and they come in a pack of 5 so you can send one to your boyfriend, one to your mum and the rest for your single mates.

Cordelia Flame Tote from Skinny Dip £35

Snake Mini Backpack from Skinny Dip £32

Embroidered Cressida Backpack from Skinny Dip £38

Flamingo Float Make Up from Skinny Dip £12

Flamingo Pencil Case from Skinny Dip £10

You da... Cards from Skinny Dip £5