I've always loved working within or building up a brand. I've recently been inspired by my styling work to customise some pieces for the site. Sixsix6 will now have it's own collection selling alongside vintage gems and some of my favourite brands.

I worked on the sixsix6 photoshoot with my creative group of friends also part of sixsix6, Leo Baron and Stacey Macdonald. I worked on the visual concept and styling while Leo shot the lookbook and Stacey modelled. I also had help from one of my most fantastic friends, Chloe Gray, one of the best make up artists I've ever worked with, therefore it was a privilege to have her work on the own brand shoot. My partner in crime Julia worked with us to the early hours of the morning taking some BTS shots.

I also want to say a massive thanks to the girls of Regal Rose who always let me use the best jewellery for all my shoots, they are the most supportive pair out there.

I've always been inspired by fashion within music so the grungy, old band t-shirt wearing style isn't anything new to me. If anything anyone that knows me knows that I usually only wear oversized graphic print t-shirts. I've recently found a lot of high street brands selling band t-shirts, the one thing I love about the ones I sell is that I have to go and hunt for them. Featuring one off authentic band t-shirts is great because they potentially will be quite hard to find the same design anywhere else. I love that they've been brought from the brands show a few years back but I've managed to find them.

The spike and rose hand made customised pieces were inspired by my love for Gucci. I'm not going to be able to afford a £1000+ hoodie so why not create one myself. I've created the hand made customised pieces to all be items that I'd wear casually. I hate the idea of spending loads of money on a designer item and never being able to wear it because you fear you are going to ruin it. The beauty of my creations is that they are designer inspired, affordable, casual pieces that can be worn daily to make you feel a million dollars. My favourite piece is definitely the Blush Hoodie, I wear mine wherever and whenever I can. As soon as I put it on first of all everyone asks where it's from, which is a massive compliment but secondly I feel great in it. I love layering it with a leather or denim jacket.

Heres the breakdown of the sixsix6 first main lookbook shoot, hope you love the items as much as I do.

Spike Longsleeve

Vintage Metallica T-shirt

Blush Rose Hoodie

Vintage Eagle T-shirt

Skinny Spike Jeans

Spike Armsleeve Jumper

Rose Denim Mini Dress

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