Time flies, looking at the date I got back from LA more than a month ago now which is pretty crazy. Obviously I was meant to do a post a bit earlier but considering I have a full time job as well you get busy catching up after 10 days off. I'm actually planning my first travel blog based on LA, not a usual one for me but I went to some of the most incredible restaurants for Gluten Free diets out there I felt I needed to share. However I do need to compile this information into a slightly more reader friendly post rather than just raving about how many gluten free Donuts I got to eat (fonuts <3).

One of my main purposes of going to LA was to create some super sick content and styling some shoots. I've been delving into the taking some photos now and again so it was great to experiment that out there too. If you want to create some incredible street style content, LA is definitely the place to go. It's sunny, locations are great and the lighting out there is incredible, especially I found in Pasadena.

The first shoot I did out there was with my friends Ron and Stacey, we headed down to Downtown LA. The styling focus of this shoot was bold coloured pieces teamed with monochrome accessories/pieces to really make the coloured pieces stand out. The shoot had a mix of pieces from Miss Guided, Ragged Priest, Frost Streetwear, Shop Moon Child, EGO Footwear and Puma. If you head over to the styling page you'll find a collage of this shoot that really shows off the concept I was going for. I wanted to feature a break down of the outfit's in this post if you fancied any of the pieces yourself.

Top: Goodies Top from Ragged Priest £28

Leggings: Cropped Leggings MissGuided £6 (slightly different style)

Choker: O Ring Choker V2 £8.99

Trainers: Puma Basket Creep Black £110 Office

Top: Heart Turtleneck Top from Frost Streetwear £15

Shorts: Smiley Face Denim Shorts Yellow £25

Top: Crazy Sexy Tee from Ragged Priest £30

Skirt: Black Faux Leather Buckle Skirt from MissGuided £35

Socks: Black Fishnet socks from MissGuided £3

Trainers: Puma Basket Creep Black £110 Office

Dress: Dollar Dress by Ragged Priest £40

Choker: Zip Me Up Choker from Shop Moon Child £9.99

Socks: Black Fisnet socks from MissGuided £3

Sliders: Mason Black Rubber Slider with Fluff Trim from EGO Footwear £19.99

T-shirt: 12 Hours Yellow T-shirt from Frost Streetwear £20

Bag: Frost Bumbag from Frost Streetwear £20