Whilst out in LA I got to shoot some photos for Jaded LDN. I'd planned with Jaded to shoot an up and coming model, DJ and ultimate super babe, Sydney Carlson. I organised to shoot Sydney at "The Pink Houses", an intervention by The Most Famous Artist and The Mural Agency. The Pink Houses pretty much describes exactly what it is, the installation is three houses that had been painted pink, the houses had been planned to be demolished a few weeks after. The purpose of the intervention "was to create a social media frenzy and attract mainstream media to simulate a conversation about community, property development, public art, and the function of social media in modern society (The Most Famous Artist)."

The project had been covered by publications such as Teen Vogue, The NY Times, BuzzFeed and Elle along with thousands of images from visitors plastered over social media. The Mural Agency that worked with The Most Famous Artist was founded on the premise that art is a powerful story telling vehicle. The Agency is hired to create an innovative approach to engage Millennials of today in the real world but also to create content that is shareable online.

The installation definitely achieved what it was set out to do. I only noticed "The Pink Houses" as it appeared on my explore page of Instagram while out in LA. The Houses created stunning backdrops but also extremely shareable online imagery. My favourite part of the houses was the area with the abandoned deckchair that had been sprayed along with the palm trees, plants and grass around it. I also found a letter that was tucked into the railing on the front door which had also been sprayed pink.

I had visited The Pink Houses earlier in the week with my friends so knew it wasn't too far from West Hollywood where I was staying. I arrived at the installation before Sydney had got there and realised they'd actually closed it that day ready for demolition. Sydney arrived with her mum who was amazing, extremely supportive and a lot of fun, a lot like mine. Her mum, Michelle suggested we just climbed through the fence as there was others that had done the same. It was actually a lot better it being fenced off as there was less people which made shooting a lot easier.

The items we shot for Jaded were stunning, there was a full length jumpsuit covered in rainbow sequins which would be the perfect piece for any festival. A racer design bodycon dress and a clashing print design swimsuit which Sydney wore with baggy jeans. I wanted to create an editorial for the site so I brought a long a couple of items from Ragged Priest, Miss Guided and Regal Rose to mix in. You'll see I've really focussed on pink and blue on this shoot whether it be through the pink houses, pink clothing, blue sky or blue clothing.

Motorcross Lace Up Dress from Jaded LDN

Vans Black and White Old Skool Check trainers from Schuh

Blue Sequin Plunge Catsuit from Jaded LDN

Goodies Crop from Ragged Priest

Sway Denim Skirt from Ragged Priest

Brace Jean Light Blue from Ragged Priest

Pink Metallica Burn out T-shirt from MissGuided