I'm known at work to have possibly the messiest desk of the whole building, I say it's organised mess but who am I kidding. Paperchase, the king of all stationary brands have released a stunning minimalist collection to reboot and refresh this January. The collection includes Exercise Books, Padfolios, Daily Planners in pastel shades with simple motivational slogans printed on them. The collection reminds me of a pastel Pantone palette using extremely relaxing shades and tones. If you're feeling a bit blue this January why not brighten up your desk with some new pieces from the Refresh and Reboot collection.

Here are some of my favourite pastel pieces, click or tap the photo to take you through to the full range:

Another piece I thought was useful from the collection was this set of mini pouches. They all have a gold eyelet meaning that you could clip them onto a carabiner or keyring within your bag to keep them safe along with clipping them together. I love the simple details of the small, medium, large tag designs to the side.

Heading into the new year you can't go wrong with a budget book. If you are planning some trips away or just fancy saving some money this year having a physical organiser might be extremely beneficial. The prospect is daunting but I feel like I'm ready to take the plunge in organising my finances properly without just keeping my fingers crossed.